Can you imagine being surrounded by astonishingly beautiful mountains, perfect tropical weather, and a coast line that beats most in the world? This thought briefly describes Kenya, one of the greatest holiday destinations that will take your breath away. Kenya is a dazzling African country with white sandy beaches and amazing landscapes.


Let us tell you more about Kenya and why you should plan your next trip to the gorgeous country.

‘…will take your breath away…’


Abundant Conservancies

Kenya is one of the countries that cares about the global climate and conservation.  To conserve the environment they have over 60 conservancies in the country that ensure no human interference with natural animal habitats.

‘…no human interference with natural animal habitats…’


Delightful Weather

Usually, the weather is the first thing people consider when planning a vacation. Kenya enjoys beautiful tropical weather with long sun filled days and gorgeous star lit nights and just enough rain to make the country absolutely lush.

‘…sun filled days and star lit nights…’


Friendly People

Kenyans are friendly people; they embody this culture to the fullest. The people are always ready to help and they absolutely love foreigners. You will get the most gracious of assistance in Kenya, every request is met with a smile and grace, and all you have to do is ask.

‘…smile and grace…’


Great Wildebeest Migration

Where in the world can you see more than two million animals moving from one national park to another? The Great Wildebeest Migration take place.  This happens between Serengeti in Tanzania and Maasai Mara in Kenya and has been called one of the ‘7 New Wonders of the World’. This is a sight to behold; where else can you see this other than in the Maasai Mara in Kenya?

‘…a sight to behold…’


Luxury Hotels and Resorts

Kenya has an assortment of gorgeous five star hotels that live up to the highest possible world standards.

‘…gorgeous five star…’


Marvellous Lodges and Camping Sites

Kenya has beautiful star-lit nights that you have to see! You can enjoy the stars and nature on cool evenings in the African bush while staying at luxurious lodges and camping sites situated in the most strategic places in the country.

‘…luxurious lodges…’


Massive Mt. Kenya

Africa’s second highest peak lies in the middle of Kenya. Mt. Kenya is not only beautiful, she is rugged, challenging, and stands tall above all others except Kilimanjaro.  The highest peaks on Mt. Kenya are Nelion and Batian; it takes guts, skill and top notch training to scale. As far as your eyes can see and the clouds will let you, you can practically see the whole country from this point.

‘…rugged, challenging, stands tall…’


Spectacular Safaris

There is balloon safaris that give you the most gorgeous bird’s eye view of the plains and actual game drives that make your heart pump. The safaris are absolutely picturesque.

‘…make your heart pump…’


Stunning Plains

From the Mara Plains to the Serengeti that straddle Kenya and Tanzania, the grasslands are magnificent. Here you will also see the exotic wildlife such as zebras, gazelles, cheetahs, lions and a host of other wild animals indigenous to this part of Kenya’s beautiful plains.

‘…magnificent grassland and exotic wildlife…’


Superb Kenyan Coast

The island life on the coast of Kenya consists of many beautiful Indian Ocean islands that will not only take your breath away with their sheer beauty but with the kind of laid back lifestyle and weather.  You can swim with the dolphins in the ocean and drink coconut filled drinks for days on end while taking in the beautiful coastal sunsets and enjoying the cool breeze that comes with them.

‘…swim with dolphins in the ocean…’


Wonderful Wildlife

Kenya has it all, from the Big Five, to some of the most exotic and breath-taking wildlife you will ever see. The best part is that you can actually see these animals in their natural habitat. You can even touch, feed and ride them if you know where to go.

‘…animals you can touch, feed and ride…’


Kenya just has to be on your dream destination vacation list, do it now, we guarantee you will have no regrets!