Nowahala Tours is one organization that must not be compared with any other because of its outstanding qualities of packaging the “HEART OF PEOPLE”. The word “Stress” does not exist if you build your world around “Nowahala Tours”. To be modest enough the . . . Sandra has an exquisite CHARISMA with an outstanding humility that appears only when the dignity of the company is maintained.

Personally I cherish Nowahala Tours and with my long lasting positive experience I made up my mind to be not just a “Royal Member” but a part of the whole project and for that reason my visit South Africa to see things for myself. I spent few days but of lasting memories. Mr. Hans is a wonderful man, let me just describe him as “PASSION FOR NOWAHALA TOURS”. With his convincing attitude he manages every guest so well that you hardly can get tired.

B.R. Princess Kamelagha
– Pretoria, South Africa