Firstly, kudos to Nowahala Tours for a job well done. In fact, Nowahala Tours you are too much. Thank God He gave you such a wonderful concept and vision where people who have no time for themselves can gainfully experience joy and happiness through your packages.

With no reservations Cape Town is a beautiful city! We wish, if permitted, to be going on holiday twice a year in Lagoon Beach. Please don’t deny us the opportunity to come here again this year, whenever we make a request. We have already started to blow the trumpet, sooner or later the result and fruit shall bear. Regards to one of your staff in Abuja whose follow up is worthy to be commended. That guy knows his onions. Help me salute him.

Thank you for your cooperation and God Almighty Bless you!

Mr. Charles Ogbonna & family
– Cape Town, South Africa