I am personally delighted to express my experience with the 7-day Vacation holiday which I had with my wife, Mrs Titilayo Tinuade TAIWO, courtesy the Nowahala Tour.

The 7-day experience is the best I have ever had with my wife since we got married. We have NEVER stayed together every second, every minute, every hour, 24/7 since we got married. The experience afforded us KNOWING each other more and UNDERSTANDING why each of us behave like we always do, even without knowing it. We enjoyed every moment together, and enjoyed the facilities Mnarani Beach Resort could offer.

As for the organization of the trip, all staff were very wonderful, the entire staff of Mnarani Beach Resort were very hospitable, the facilities put at our disposal – from well prepared Menus, drinks, snacks, accommodation, the environment, and most especially the Tours on the Kilifi Lagoon and Indian Ocean were very fantastic. WE ENJOYED EVERY MOMENT OF THE SEVEN DAYS. I personally did not want it to end, safe for my wife who has missed our children, and would rather want a re-visit to Mnarani with them next year; and I agree with her.

We both say BRAVO to Nowahala Tours and Mnarani Club and Spa. Your businesses are BLESSED.

Professor Victor Olusegun Taiwo
– Mnarani Club & Spa, Kenya