Dubai is a city that must be seen to be believed! Dubai is exciting and filled with fun and ambition. Dubai offers the world’s tallest buildings, a modest fishing village, museums and intricate alleyways. Other attractions include visits to mosques, palaces and infamous theme parks. Whatever your plans, be sure the following Top Ten are on your list!

1. Burj Khalifa
The trophy of Dubai is the Burj Khalifa which stands 828 metres high and is hard to miss; the tower dominates the Dubai skyline, but the true majesty of the building is best appreciated up close or, even better, from inside. On a clear day, the view from the observation deck is stunning. At Burj Khalifa is the Dubai Fountain, it is equivalent to over two footfall pitches and performs to a selection of different melodies. The fountain features over 6600 lights in 25 colour projects. When operational, the fountain uses over 22,000 gallons of water in the air.

The Dubai Mall

2. The Dubai Mall
Next to the Burj Khalifa is The Dubai Mall; to merely call the sprawling development a shopping mall is doing it a disservice. An entire day spent at Dubai Mall isn’t enough to see it all. Dubai is a shopper’s paradise with amazing shopping opportunities. The Dubai Mall has 1,200-plus shops and 150 restaurants with an indoor theme park, an ice rink, a huge indoor waterfall, a choreographed outdoor fountain and the giant Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo. The city’s iconic malls are also recreational destinations and dining precincts. Besides luxury malls Dubai has hip boutiques and markets; Dubai is the city that never stops shopping. Dubai is the ultimate experience in sightseeing. If you love shopping, then Dubai is the place for you.

3. Bur Dubai
In Deira and Bur Dubai you sense the true culture of the port city, home to bustling trade for decades. It is here in the city where sellers and buyers began and continue to negotiate and haggle over prices. The fish market has undergone expansion which re-enforces the essence of trade in this part of town. LegoLand Theme Park is a must for families. The inspired rides and attractions promise creative, hands-on fun for everyone. You can build and race Lego cars; for the courageous the rides will get you spinning with excitement. The park also offers Kids Power Towers where you can hoist your way up to the top for a full view of the entire park.

4. Dubai Creek
From a modest fishing village Dubai Creek was transformed into a city hub of beautiful skylines and rich culture that makes up the city’s evolution through time. Dubai is famous for glitz and glamour, but the real heart of the city is the ancient trade routes called the Dubai Creek. The saltwater estuary is the original site where the Bani Yas tribe settled, its waters were vital for what used to be Dubai’s main form of economy, pearl diving and fishing. Today, the area is awash with the history of the country.

5. Dubai Museum
The Creek is home to the Dubai Museum and intricate alleyways of the gold, spice and textile souks. At the Creek, a ride across the water on a traditional abra is a must; this is one of the best tourist attractions in the city. The Dubai Museum is a colourful and enlightening tour hosting historic exhibits. Built in 1787, the fort was once a monarch base, a defence force and a prison. The museum showcases Dubai history and original heritage. While talking heritage tours you need to also experience a Desert Safari Tour to experience Dubai’s culture, wildlife and history.

The Dubai Frame

6. Dubai Frame
Dubai Frame known as a tale of two cities is one of the city’s skylines that represents a remarkable engineering feat. Situated in Dubai’s Zabeel Park, directly between old and new Dubai, the towering structure offers sweeping panoramic views of the city from 150m high. One of its most amazing features is the state-of-the-art clear glass bridge connecting parallel vertical towers to create the shape of a picture frame. The Dubai Frame is a must-see attraction for visitors. Take the opportunity to discover the Zabeel Park area and the Rulers of Dubai Palaces.


7. Bastakyia
The historic old district of Bastakyia and the ancient fortress of Al-Fahidi date back 200 years. If you enjoy walking a visit to Al Fahidi in Bur Dubai is one of the oldest historical neighbourhoods in the city; you can go on guided mosque visits. Among the many places to visit you can’t miss the Dubai Water Canal, Dubai Frame, Zabeel Park and Dubai Palaces. Al Fahidi in Bur Dubai is one of the oldest historical neighbourhoods in the city. The area offers a nostalgic view of a past era with traditional wind towers and a maze of winding alleyways. You can visit heritage sites and guided mosque visits to appreciate the local culture. After your walking tour you can head to the perfect accommodation in Dubai, the Golden Sands Hotel Apartments, the hotel is surrounded by a variety of eateries and entertainment venues.

Burj Al Arab

8. Burj Al Arab
At Jumeirah area, the Burj Al Arab is an art centre, you can cross the new Canal, stop for a snapshot at the Grand Mosque of Jumeirah the historic district of Bastakyia and discover the Dubai Ruler Palace before ending at Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall, the ultimate journey to the top of Burj Khalifa. The magical historic old district of Bastakyia houses the Dubai museum located in the ancient fortress of Al-Fahidi. A visit to the museum of Dubai is highly recommended; you can splurge on a golden souvenir and sample exotic spices.

9. Dubai Water Canal
Dubai Water Canal is a 3.2km long waterway extending from the Creek in Old Dubai before finding its way to the Arabian Gulf. Dubai Canal boasts 80,000 sqm of waterfront public space facilities and includes recreational areas like a running track and cycling path. The canal’s beautiful waterfall can be viewed from Old Dubai and some of the newest hotels. Talking water, the Aquaventure Waterpark can’t be missed, it’s filled with slides going through shark filled lagoons and a splash area for children.

Abu Dhabi

10. Abu Dhabi
Approximately one hour’s drive from the theme parks is Abu Dhabi, the capital and second most populous city in the United Arab Emirates. You will enjoy Abu Dhabi for the state-of-the-art malls and mosques. If you are a lover of Warner Brothers characters, Abu Dhabi has their own exhilarating theme park for all-ages. Ferrari World is also there, you can shift into gear and go behind the scenes of the Grand Prix. Abu Dhabi is also host to the capital’s largest water park, the YAS Waterpark is filled with slides and rides; the island is a fun adventure for every member of the family; enjoy a splashing exciting experience!