Your vacation is booked and only a few weeks away and that just means one thing: Planning! Planning in this case is not a chore, but is the exciting part before you leave on the long awaited trip. Every destination is unique and requires a different list of things to take along, but there are a few “must have’s” that are important regardless of where your dream holiday will be. Today we are sharing with you the top 10 “must have items” when going on a holiday.

1. Camera and memory card (and I will throw in a Selfie Stick)

Most important item to pack for your holiday is of course a good camera to capture all those unforgettable moments. Whether you are exploring an idyllic town in Italy, relaxing on the beach of a tropical Island or enjoying the wilderness on a true African Safari – you for sure will need to capture that special moment. Leave the bulky camera at home and just take a small camera that won’t take up a lot of space in your backpack. It is always a good idea to take a USB drive with you to back up all your valuable photos and makes space for more!

2. Visa Card (and make sure you save enough money)

Each holiday that lies ahead will surprise you with unplanned, but astonishing moments and amazing places to experience. Make sure you aren’t the one sitting on the side, not being able to experience these opportunities with your family or friends.

Do your planning well. Be sure to take 2 bank cards, preferably one Visa and one MasterCard as these two are generally more widely accepted. Keep them separate from one another purely for safety reasons. It is also a “must” to take cash with you. Yes I know travelling with cash is seen as dangerous, because tourists are easy targets for crime, but keep it hidden and not all in one place. It will come in handy at most of the destination, when you just want to buy a cold drink or a small gift where card payments are not allowed.

3. Weather app on your phone to be prepared

The biggest mistake all of us make when travelling for the first time, is to think everything you have planned to pack in will fit in your bag. IT IS NOT, well most of the times. I still make that mistake every time and have to pay with huge disappointment the fee at the check in counter for overweight baggage. Not a fun way to start your trip at all. Check the weather on the internet a day or two before travelling to be sure you pack the correct amount of clothes. Remember to keep space in your bag for all the gifts you want to buy when you are on holiday. It is always more than what you plan to buy.

4. Diary and a pen

Visiting a new country is overwhelming and getting back excited to tell all your friends and family, there is nothing worse than not being able to remember the place names or maybe leaving out some juicy details of things you have experienced. And it is prone to happen. So don’t for one second think it is boring to keep a journal, that journal will have you laughing through tears when you read it again after many years have passed.

5. Mini medic Kit

With mini, I really means mini. It shouldn’t take up lots of space or weight in your bag. Most important things that you will need are some plasters/band aids, a pair of small scissors, a bottle of iodine, cold/flu pills, anti-biotic cream and some decent painkillers. Those painkillers will surely benefits you when you have to deal with headaches after travelling over 20 hours around the world to your dream destination.

6. Comfortable walking shoes

This item is very important, as you will definitely do a lot a walking when travelling to a foreign country. We all want to explore the unknown, isn’t that why we travel? A fun application to download on your smart phone before travelling is a health app that can count your daily steps. Be prepared to be amazed at the km/ miles you walk every day while wandering around or even checking out a local shopping mall.

7. The necessary documentation.

We all travel with our ID books, passports, driving license, travel insurance, flight tickets, booking confirmations and more. It is very important to make copies of all of the above mentioned before travelling and also to bring along a few passport photos. You don’t want to get stranded on an unfamiliar place, because you’ve lost your passport. A good idea is to personally hold on to the originals and keep the copies in your baggage. Have a zip lock plastic bag in your hand luggage where all documents are kept together. Also remember to put your Passport in a safety deposit box at your destination if you have one in your room.

8. Sunblock and sunglasses

This is important especially when traveling during the summer season. Your skin might not be use to the sun at your holiday destination. And the last thing you want to do, is stay inside after getting bad sunburn on your first day, while the rest of you family are spending the day on the beach. And well remember, you are not cool without sunglasses!

9. Mosquito cream

What makes our nights worse than being irritated by the sound of a mosquito? We all hate them small creatures, but don’t allow them to spoil your fun. This is especially important when travelling through Asia or Africa. You might want to consider buying some malaria medicine before travelling.

10. Map of the destination you’re visiting and contact number of your accommodation

It is good to familiarize yourself with the area you are visiting before you leave. This will result in you being more confident when arriving at the unknown. It is also good to take along a map or guidebook to help you get your way in and around the holiday destination.

Probably the best travelling advice ever is to pack light. With travelling, less is always more. We sometimes forget that we live in a modern world and that everything you might need, most of the times will be right there on the doorstep of your perfect holiday destination. So pack wisely and enjoy the open road!!