Good news for Kenya

Kenya has announced that they will reopen for international tourism on August 1st. The announcement made on July 6th also states that Kenya will lift all internal travel restrictions on the same day.

This move is part of Kenya’s plans to restart the economy especially the tourism industry after almost four months of lockdown restrictions.  International flights have been banned in Kenya since March 25th.  This phased reopening of international flights includes the lifting of a ban on movement in and out of the port city of Mombasa and north-eastern Mandera.

Restart the economy

President Kenyatta also announced the lifting of a ban on movement in and out of the capital Nairobi.  He explained that International air travel in and out of the territory of Kenya shall resume on August 1st.  The curfew from 9:00pm to 4:00am will remain in place for an additional 30 days, effective immediately.

Adding to the announcement Kenyatta said “we have reached a reasonable level of preparedness across the country to allow us to reopen,” and warned that the reopening was conditional. “Any trends that signal a worsening of the pandemic, we will have no choice but to return to the lockdown.

Kenyatta also announced that places of worship will be allowed to reopen, but with a maximum of 100 people attending. He urged citizens to continue to implement social distancing, and exercise cautious optimism and avoid reckless abandon.

Safe Travel Stamp from the World Travel and Tourism Council


‘…adopted global health and hygiene protocols for tourism…’

On July 2nd, Kenya was awarded the Safe Travel Stamp from the World Travel and Tourism Council.  This means Kenya has been recognised as a country that has adopted global health and hygiene protocols for the tourism sectors to reopen.

‘…one of Africa’s most spectacular destinations…’

Kenya is one of Africa’s most spectacular destinations.  Kenya offers unspoiled wilderness and habitats.  In Kenya the wildlife, including rare and endangered species roam freely.  Kenya is an adventure with stretches of white sand beaches and dense forests.  Refreshing cool breezes drift across the Indian Ocean in Kenya.

A visit to Kenya is an African lifetime experience book now with us!