A weekend away is an inspirational thought. We get to see new places, do new things, eat new food and meet new people but there is more to it.  A weekend away is good for the soul because it frees the soul from any worries it might be suffering from.

Give-away campaign

In this article we share a sneak preview of our upcoming ‘weekend give-away campaign’ plus the reasons why a weekend away is so very good for the soul. To maintain a healthy soul you need to participate in creative and constructive activities. Your soul’s condition is the key to your mental health.

We all have different likings, some like the beach more than the mountains. Some are happy to explore different cities and villages but what matters most is getting away for a weekend. It’s an opportunity to remember the good things in your life.

A weekend away is food for the soul for many reasons, we list some below.

  • You are on the move, this makes you physically and mentally strong, which ultimately makes your soul capable of remaining robust.
  • You are relaxed and calm, this makes you motivated, happy and more fulfilled.
  • You feel relaxed, it’s a perfect time to break away from the dull daily nine to five routines.
  • In a good way, you feel changed, your experience makes you feel more conscious and you see the horizon in a different light.
  • You are eating different foods which sheds light on habits and you look at your life from a new perspective.


Research indicates there is evidence to prove that a weekend away can help your mental health and physical well-being.

We live a daily routine life with many things to worry about; work, family, society, even simple things like reading and replying to emails, daily household shopping, laundry, transport and getting enough sleep.

A weekend away will break this because you can get up late, have breakfast slowly, walk around in the morning, relax all day or do some holiday activities and go back on bed at night with a relaxed mind. Participation in leisure activities is known to strengthen brain cells, the connection between the cells and the formation of new nerve cells.

A weekend away unleashes and enhances creativity. Creativity is sensitive to change and adapts to new sounds, smells, tastes and vision allowing you to experience different things that you do not experience at home. If you are dealing with a challenge, you have time to rediscover yourself or maybe just get a chance to clear your head. Sometime you will find a better version of you.

A weekend away boosts confidence because it challenges the brain with new and different experiences and environments, this is important behavior that promotes brain health.  You can fall in love over and over again.

A weekend away is perfect medicine to improve on family relations, it builds bonds and deepens the understandings of each other’s experiences.  This in turn increases communication and kindness.

A weekend away makes you relax and focus; it triggers genetic changes to boost the immune system.  And the very best reason is that you deserve to enjoy a weekend break, just to have fun, be with the people you love, and do simple things that make you feel alive.


Are you feeling inquisitive about our upcoming ‘weekend give-away campaign’ yet?  We are eyeing amazing destinations in the Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt regions as winning weekend getaways for in Nigerians that are good for the soul. Here are four exciting clues:

  1. An island resort that offers sun, sand and sea! A resort full of surprises, fun activities, lively entertainment and smiling faces with so much more.
  2. A boutique hotel and spa catering resort that provides easy access and a welcoming ambience to refresh, renew, and restore oneself.
  3. A world class luxury prime hospitality center with an indigenous brand that offers the best in recreation, leisure, relaxation, fitness, conferences and entertainment.
  4. A serene resort with a mix of adventure and idyllic tranquillity with rich natural vegetation and picturesque views to calm the soul.

Do you know?

Do you think you know these delightful destinations in Nigeria?

It’s not often we end an article with a cliff-hanger but this time we wanted to whet your travel appetite and leave you in suspense as we anxiously plan our exciting post lockdown ‘weekend give-away campaign’.

Please keep your eyes open for future articles!